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Our basic material is one of the oldest humankind materials - pure new wool. For this reason the IWS (Secretary of Wool) has established the "wollmark" to distinguish the quality products of pure new wool.



Guarantees of the international woolmark



  • shearing of living sheep
  • without prior treatment (no re-used wool)
  • no source of re-used garments of earlier manufacturing processes
  • quality instructions for durability, colour- and light fastness
  • low tolerances of quality (colour effects of yarns or impurities) 


Quality characteristics of wool 

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natural product

A unique natural clothing fibre;- wool is a living, breathing fibre with a natural stretch and elasticity to move with your body. Composed of the same protein that makes up the outer protective layer of your skin, it works in total harmony with your body's own protection mechanisms. Merino Wool has naturally developed a higher level of in-built UV protection, than many other fibres. Wool, also, has natural recovery. Each fibre is resilient and springy, thanks to its complex internal structure, giving clothes a beautiful drape along with incredible crease resistance.

natural insulator

Enjoy wool's unique in-built climate control; a natural insulator to keep you warm in winter whilst being naturally breathable, keeping you cool in summer.

Breathability and moisture dispersion

Benefit from a better nights sleep with wool's natural breathability and moisture dispersion. See Woolscience for more information on exciting innovations for everyday living.

soil resisting

It is important to air clothes made of pure new wool often. The wool cleans itself. To remove dirt and odours, and refresh the colours, moisten a clothes brush with a mild solution of vinegar in water, and brush the garment from top to bottom.

wearing comfort

Beautiful for best, practical for everyday wear, wool can be machine washed and tumble dried for a quality you can depend on time and time again. Wool garmets are very hard wearing and next-to-skin comfort make it the perfect choice for every area of your life.

no electrostatic charge

The constand humidity impedes electrostatic charge of wool textiles